Third Grade Shelter Building

It was beautiful spending the morning with the 3rd graders. When we first arrived at the shelter building site, The chipmunk tribe (Fiona, Krista and Jasper) realized their structure had been compromised by someone or something. They were devastated. There were even tears. This picture shows Ms. Mansuri helping to build back their morale. She told them to use their sadness and anger to rebuild. They did it! The eagle tribe offered many words of encouragement and congratulated them at the end. They all worked together so

beautifully!! It was such a pleasure watching them learn these valuable life lessons.

~ Carrie Beresford





The Eagle Tribe:

“Native Americans made shelters so they were safe from storms and danger.  It was hard for the Eagles (my tribe), but it was awesome.”                                                                             ~ Camila






“I built a shelter with Noah, Camila, and of course, me.  We made the skeleton of the shelter.  Then we put on the vines and leaves and other stuff.  Then we made a kitchen with berries and stuff.  It is fun!”   ~ Tess


 “My shelter is very nice and very dark.  My shelter looks like a tipi.”                                                                                 ~ Noah



The Chipmunk Tribe:

“My shelter was knocked down when I got to the park.  I cried, but Jasper and Krista and I rebuilt it again and made it more beautiful.”                                                                               ~ Fiona

“My shelter is like a Native American’s house.  Our house is coming along nicely.  It’s kind of like a beaver’s dam.  It has lots of vegetation and sticks.”                                                                                 ~ Japer

“The shelter is awesome!  It was frustrating when the shelter fell down!”   ~ Krista



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