Why I love Waldorf


By Donna Hemmert, PCWS Parent

I love Waldorf education for many reasons.  If I had to articulate an overall reason, I guess I could sum it up by saying Waldorf education is optimistic.  What is not optimistic about being reverent?  Or simplicity, beauty, nature, imagination, ritual and magic (the magic of childhood)?  That is what my family has found at Waldorf.

I struggle with all the “screen staring” we do these days and I think it disconnects us from each other as much as it connects us.  I find that the first thing Waldorf does is cut out the noise and provide an atmosphere of calm beauty. And the focus on nature and being outside is also a part of that simplicity and beauty.

Waldorf also focuses on the whole child, not just academics.  It allows the child to be a child, not a mini-adult.   And to be outside, using his body and imagination. My husband and I both spent many of our childhood hours outside making toys out of sticks, rocks and anything we could find.  We have such fond memories of that.  And even though we weren’t learning academics at a young age, we both did very well in school – so we don’t believe early academics is the answer.  By choosing Waldorf, this helps us allow our child to play, be physical and spend time in his imagination.  There will be plenty of time for him to learn to read.

But at the end of the day, we wanted more for our child than just the academics in his academic career. We wanted an environment that supported our goal of instilling reverence and respect in this world…..to see the beauty while learning to be a good person.  We feel Waldorf supports that vision.