PCWS realizes its vision through these actions:

  • We educate each individual child according to age and developmental stage so that learning and growth are united.


  • In each school day our teachers employ the curriculum to address the child’s whole being: the mind, the artistic life, and the physical skills.


  • Our teachers are dedicated to preserving and protecting the innate senses of wonder and reverence in childhood.


  • We hire Waldorf-trained teachers.


  • We are eager to welcome and serve families of all races, creeds, and economic levels.


  • As we educate children, we welcome and encourage families to become involved and participate in our school’s governing, fiscal, and social life.


  • As colleagues we strive to honor one another’s work and gifts and to hold one another to the highest professional standards in order to create a healthy community of teachers and administrators around the children we are entrusted with educating.


  • We take seriously the sustainable care of the Earth and of Nature in the fulfillment of our mission.