Experiencing Eurythmy

I wanted to let you all know what an amazing and wondrous experience it was to attend Ashley Parker’s eurythmy workshop for adults.  If you have not met her, she is truly a special person.  And do you know how sometimes you can make a one-pot meal — it has all the nutrition and food groups in one tidy pot?  That is how eurythmy is.  You are moving your body, and yet you are also fascinated with the ideas behind what you are doing, and inspired by the wisdom it holds and the connection it gives you with other people and ultimately the loving forces of the universe.

For part of the time, we got to experience one of the things she leads the kindergarten children in.  She said she would be willing to do another workshop with more of a focus on what she does with the grades, so please let me know if you are interested, and I will share that with her.  It is a tremendous opportunity to get to do this with her, so I really really hope we can get enough people!!!  Toni, could you also share this information about euurythmy with the first grade parents?

Ashley also said she is planning to lead a workshop on speech this coming Monday at 7.  (She is currently studying speech, having completed her eurythmy training).  It sounds really fascinating as well.  I tend to think that anything that she is offering will be full of beauty and wisdom.

Warmest regards, everyone,

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