“Bicycle Man” visits PCWS

On Wednesday, April 10th at 3 pm, Wilfried Steinback spoke to students, parents and faculty about his adventure circling the globe by bicycle. He started by putting on his helmet and reflective vest, as he stood in front of the awestruck children. Even though the fellowship hall was very hot and the children were tired from their school day, they listened with such concentration to this man’s amazing story.  Wilfried is a Waldorf teacher who lives in Sweden. He began his journey there 10 months ago. He showed us on his map, the path he followed east, taking ferries across bodies of water, through Russia and on to several Asian countries. He then took a cargo ship to the west coast of North America, where he continued eastward all the way to Arlington, VA. He has visited many Waldorf schools along the way and enjoys inspiring people to use their bicycles to get around. He talked about how healthy that is for our bodies and our planet. The children had wonderful comments and questions!  They loved seeing his fully loaded bike and pop-up tent. You can follow Wilfried’s travels on his blog here


Father’s Workshop Held at PCWS on Saturday

PCWS parent Gordon Achtermann and PCWS alum and well-known woodworker Bill Merkel held a Waldorf Father’s Workshop here on the morning of Saturday, March 16. These annual workshops bring fathers together to discuss the challenges and joys of fatherhood.

After a round of brief introductions, facilitators Gordon and Bill read a passage from Jack Petrash’s book “Navigating the Terrain of Childhood” about the establishment of authentic authority that every father needs to be a good father. They then opened up the floor. Two and half hours later, they were still going but some in the group had to be on their way.

In discussions in a relaxed setting at Potomac Crescent, the group talked quite a bit about their own fathers (and surrogates when fathers weren’t present) and different types of authority figures. The experiences ran the full spectrum as the discussion ranged from the esoteric (archetypes of father figures) to the earthy (sons acting out with regard to potty training.)

The dads also opened up to some of their current struggles in fathering, and, as usual, discovered that there were far from alone.

The facilitators would like to extend a big “thank you” to all participants for joining us.

For more information on events like the Father’s Workshop, please email outreach@potomaccrescentschool.org.

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Register for the Waldorf Father’s Workshop Today

Waldorf Father’s Workshop

All Waldorf community fathers, and fathers interested in Waldorf education, are invited to a relaxed and open discussion of the challenges of fatherhood in 2013 in greater Washington, DC.

We will discuss how our fathers established and nurtured their authority, what worked well for them and what did not; how we are following their examples and how we are blazing our own new trails; and what is working for us and what we are struggling to change.

Current PCWS parent Gordon Achtermann and alumni parent Bill Merkel will facilitate this Father’s Workshop.

Date: Saturday, March 16th

Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, casual conversation from 11:00 to noon

Location: PCWS, 923 S. 23rd Street, Arlington, VA 22202

Facilitated by Gordon Achtermann and Bill Merkel


RSVP to information@potomaccrescentschool.org