Our Afternoon Program

The Afternoon Program complements the morning Kindergarten: the same Waldorf education principles and care shape the program. The morning program flows into the afternoon program, creating a seamless transition for the child. The Afternoon Program offers a time to receive nourishment, rest, digest the morning activities, socialize, and play.

The program begins at noon, with a brief time outside, followed by lunch. Children bring their own lunches. The morning is so full for the children that the afternoon should allow for them to breathe in and digest their morning; a good deal of “soul warmth” is provided for them. After a short rest in a darkened room, the children are gently awakened. Those who need to rest longer do so, and the others enjoy coloring or making a craft. Depending on the day of the week and/or the weather, they may garden, go for walks to collect “treasures” for a craft, go to the playground, or stay inside for part of the time with a planned activity.

Children enrolled in either kindergarten may enroll in the Afternoon Program. Depending up available space, children may enroll at any time during the school year for one or more days each week. Those who start part-way through the year will have their tuition prorated. Financial assistance is not available for this program.