Parent Testimonials

Now in her third year at Potomac Crescent Waldorf School, my daughter Chloe is an artist, a storyteller, and a master puppeteer.  She can make a fascinating puppet play out of nothing more than painted popsicle sticks—with characters ranging from children to fairies to billy goats. They are all part of an actual story that always has a happy ending. Chloe is just one of the many students at our school who has fallen in love with this place of wonder and discovery.I’m incredibly thankful to the teachers and the Potomac Crescent community as a whole for nurturing my child’s imagination and shaping her learning path.

Adriana Niño

Potomac Crescent is a hidden gem. This steadily growing Waldorf school offers a warm and home-like environment for children from age 2 to grade 3. We moved to Arlington for its public schools, but after experiencing this private school we kept our children here for the grades and couldn’t be happier. Now fours years at PCWS with two kids, my only complaint is that they don’t currently have space to add more grades! I love walking into the school and smelling fresh baked bread and apple crisp which the children and teachers have prepared together and will share as a snack. The community values food that is real and healthy. I love that children play outside regardless of rain, snow, or sunshine – there is rarely bad weather, just inappropriate clothing – bring your rain gear. There my children sing every day, create beautiful art, work with wood using real hand tools, bake, cook, and sew. Oh, but this is school, right? Yes, every morning the grades have main lesson where they work on reading, writing, and math skills. The art, music, and storytelling are often incorporated as part of the main lessons which are deeply internalized. A great mix of imagination and realness.

—Submitted by a parent

Imagine an oasis in this hectic, often chaotic place, where children can play with toys made of natural materials, enjoy natural light, play with sand, climb a learn wall, appreciate nature and all weather conditions, where rhythm is a way of life, art is a language and playing is the rule. Now imagine teachers who take the time to know each child prior to the school’s first day, who know each child’s personal situation, who prepare a place for each of them prior to their arrival, who communicate with parents in person and on the phone just to tell you how your child’s day went, who adjust the class dynamics as the class evolves, and who have years of experience and training in early childhood waldorf education. Does it sound too good to be true? I thought the same thing. This school is everything you can wish for and then some.

—Submitted by a parent