A Letter of Gratitude

By Aglaia Benni, PCWS Parent
Mother to Mateen-Oaktree and Naim-Bluebird

As our rising first grader has lost his first tooth two days ago, I am reminded of where we have been and the changes ahead. We first walked through PCWS’s doors 4 years ago with a 2 year old and a 6 week old baby in tow — a new family ready for OUR first school experience. And what a beautiful journey it has been!

Today, I want to express our deep gratitude to the PCWS families and faculty who welcomed us. Some of you are leaving us this year, and just like losing that first tooth, it evokes some sentimental feelings. You have been an invaluable part of our experience and life. As you move on to far and near places, know that we will keep a part of you in our hearts. There is something very special about raising your children together.

You have served on our board, cooked, baked, knitted, felted, dyed, carpentered, built, danced, sang, played music and so much more. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Thank you for sharing your smiles and friendly words. Thank you for your words of calming advice on everything from allergies to kayaking. Thank you for sharing your children. It has been a pleasure seeing them grow. Thank you for teaching our children, loving them and guiding them (even if they were not in your class).

May you have as warm a welcome as you have given us in your new communities. In the same way, we hope to extend the same welcome you have given us to new families at PCWS.